Serge Le Goueff

"Serge takes you on an unforgettable musical journey"

French born musician, Serge "Pépé" Le Goueff spent his formative years polishing his skills through the ranks of the French Conservatoire de Brest. He graduated in 1985 and went on to pursue his musical career in a Parisian Conservatoire de musique where he was employed as the resident saxophone teacher. Having studied the saxophone classical repertoire for nearly a decade, it became apparent that performance opportunities of such "obscure repertoire were indeed too scarce to satisfy Serge's ambitions to be a performer.

This problem was remedied in the early 1990's when Serge migrated to Australia and was offered a position at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where he studied Jazz performance for 4 years. He graduated from WAAPA and his performance ambitions were fulfilled with a very busy performance schedule. As he joined the Perth Jazz Orchestra, he performed with the likes of James Morisson, Dave Weckl, Mickey Tucker, Gene Pitney, and John Hoffman to name a few. He has performed in Jazz Festivals both in France and in Australia.

All along, his passion for education continued to grow and he undertook post graduate studies at the University of Western Australia in the field of Jazz improvisation.

Serge Le Goueff plays Ngilgi Cave, Sunday 3 June