Cathrine Summers Trio

Cathrine Summers Trio plays at Studio Bistro, Saturday 1 June from 6.30pm. Purchase tickets here

The celebrated international Perth-based singer, known for her incredible accent or, to the French, for not having an accent has an engaging 'instantly familiar' onstage persona. This, coupled with her rich honeyed voice will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

The UK-born artist spent much of her time living and holidaying in France where she fostered a love of the French language and a deep appreciation of the countries passionate history and romanticism and shares much of this love in this warming toe-tapping evening.

"With incredible vocal range, tender sense of comedy and comforting warm stage presence, it is as if the audience has known her for years. Cole Porter, once said, 'I wanted every kind of love that was available, but I could never find them in the same person.' Yet in the beautiful and talented Cotton Club singer, all these forms of love seem to coalesce." Perri Watson